History of Coffee Origin

About Limu Coffee

What Limu has to do with coffee

Many believe that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee (not South America, which some believe). The indigenous coffee trees (which some experts say, are the only native coffee trees in the world) first grew in ancient “Abyssinia,” which is now present day Ethiopia. These trees blossomed in an area called “Kafa,” which may as well be the root word for coffee. In the tenth century, coffee was considered a food.

Ethiopia’s coffees are exported either as “washed” or “sun dried/natural”. There are nine distinct coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. Lekempti, Illubabor, Djimma, Harrar, Teppi/Bebeka, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, and Limu. Limu coffee (washed) grows to the South-West of Ethiopia between 3600-6200 ft. Limu coffee is renowned for its good cup, sweet, spicy/winey flavor and balanced body and is therefore sought after by many roasters, especially in Europe and the USA. Washed Limu coffee is one of the premium gourmet coffees in the world. The bean is medium size, has a distinctive rounded shape and green color.


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